D-Link EXO AC1750 Dual Band Router Overview

D-Link EXO AC1750 Wireless Router Overview

D-Link EXO AC1750 DIR869 Router Left Side View

The D-Link EXO AC1750 Wi-Fi router brings a host of latest tech to sustain a great Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. Gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity as fast as 1750 Mbps (up to 1300 Mbps 5 GHz AC and up to 450 Mbps 2.4 GHz Wireless N) allows you to create a blazing fast home network that connects all your computers, game consoles, 4k video, set top boxes, Smart TVs and cellular gadgets to your broadband internet connection.


Why do you need the D-Link EXO AC1750?

D-Link EXO AC1750 DIR869 Router Top View

First, it has a dual-band WiFi – two separate 2.4 Gigahertz and 5 Gigahertz WiFi bands. It ensures optimum connection speed for every device connected to the router. The total “speed” is 1750Mbps.

Second, it has an ultra-modern antennas technology that brings wider wireless coverage to your home. Third, Gigabit Ethernet is part of it, which means that there are 4 fast Gigabit ports for faster Internet connectivity.

Third –  4 Gigabit ethernet ports ensure optimum wired connection to compatible devices.

And lastly, the router comes with a dual-core processor for a greater computing power and faster operation.

EXO AC1750 Wi-Fi Capabilities

D-Link EXO AC1750 DIR869 Router Rear View

The D-Link EXO AC1750 router has four antennas that amplify the signal and are able to distribute multiple wireless streams for a reliable connection. You can get much faster connection with dual-band technology – You can use the 2.4 Gigahertz band for for older and slower devices whilst leaving the high-pace 5 GHz AC band free for HD video streaming, online gaming and big file transfers. With fewer gadgets using the fast-paced 5 Gigahertz band, there’s much less interference and congestion, providing you with higher overall performance and zero lag wireless experience.

D-Link DIR869 Wi-Fi Performance

The D-Link EXO AC1750 determines the Quality of Service (QoS) which tracks the sort of connection that is available for media streaming, web browsing, online gaming and decide which one deserves higher priority. Controlling your Internet connection through parental controls, blocking off undesirable sites, tracking activities online and creating Wi-Fi Guest networks is less complicated than ever with the D-Link EXO AC1750’s graphical user interface.

D-Link EXO AC1750 Features

D-Link EXO AC1750 DIR869 Router
The main feature of the D-Link router is a superfast AC1750 that  divides to 450 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 1300mbps on 5GHz. Additionally you get 4 superfast gigabit LAN ports alongside a single WAN gigabit port. All this paired with a dual core processors with 1GHz Dual Core CPU and 128Mb RAM for fast processing power and adquate amount of RAM for lag-free epxerience.

The D-Link ofering offers excellent coverage and wireless speeds – a superior QoS engine distributes traffic optimally across each wireless band to assure great signal and matching band for each device connected to the network.

Strong security is also present in this router. It offers parental controls to create online access rules and  schedules. You can also block or allow precise web sites to be visited and/or devices to be connected.

Negatives Of The EXO AC1750

It has no USB ports. Here, I said it. This could be a major deal breaker for some, epsecially people who want to connect external drives in order to emulate NAS storage. Another useful feature of routers USB ports is that you can connect 3/4G devices and disctubute the internet thorughout your house if the broadband suddenly goes down for no particular reason.


The DLink DIR-869 is a capable wireless router deliveing great WiFi signal and advanced features for a somewhat reasonable price. The lack of USB ports can be a turn off for some people, but a negligent feature for others. It is a great offering from D-Link and it also deserves a spot on our best dual-band routers list.

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