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What is Pixtopic?

Pixtopic is not your typical review site where it is all about the commission and the sale with no regard to quality of writing.

We aim to bring you the best of reviewed products without compromise and the typical sales pitch. Whenever I need a new keyboard, graphic card, monitor or even electrical shaver, I always go online to find more information and comparison between models. To my disappointment, most often than not I run into ads and poorly written content only trying to sell me the most expensive product hoping for the biggest commission.

How is Pixtopic different?

I’m glad you asked! We take pride in our reviews and we try to make them as thorough as possible helping you make the right decision for your specific needs. Of course, we’d be glad to hear from you with suggestions on how to improve our service.

While we review most of our products on our own, we read a lot of verified purchase user reviews on Amazon and try to replicate and address some of the issues real consumer have with those products. Our reviews are not just fluff and sales pitches. While we do make our living off Amazon sales, our main target is helping you make the right decision about the product that YOU need.

Why trust Pixtopic?

Because we care. We will never suggest a product that we haven’t tested. We will bring out all the positives and the negatives about each product we test. We never want to make you feel pressured to buy the product that we recommend – please have a read and make up your mind according to your needs and your budget. You’ll see that we try to place all products reviewed in price categories and you can only ready reviews that are relevant to your budget.